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At White Berberian, you can expect more from your lawyers. White Berberian is an Arizona-based law firm that provides litigation representation, business counsel, and other legal solutions to individuals and businesses throughout the Southwest. We have rethought every aspect of a traditional law firm. Efficiency and innovative solutions replace expensive tradition. If it does not directly add value to our clients, it is not part of our practice.

WB is a law firm of elite attorneys who pride themselves on delivering superior service and experience to you, our client. You can expect superior results, cost control, and effective communication.

Business, Corporate & Transactional Law

Our business and corporate law practice suits the needs of most businesses and corporations. We advise clients on all aspects of business law - from formation to termination and all aspects in between. We perform transactional legal services, including all aspects of business contracts. White Berberian represents clients ranging from individuals and small businesses to large multi-national corporations. Furthermore, we offer advice with not just legal and liability considerations, but also market-related and economic considerations.

Areas of Practice

White Berberian provides services in many areas of legal practice, including:

  • Business, Corporate & Transactional Law
  • Litigation and Trial Attorneys
  • Construction and Insurance Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • E-Commerce Law: Internet and Marketing
  • Appellate Litigation
  • Mortgage Law